AVG Partners

We empower our partner practices by investing in best-in-class clinicians, continuing staff education, a superior patient experience, strategic marketing, and referring-physician engagement. Supported by a world-class Board of Directors and robust administrative and operations infrastructure, we enable AVG-affiliated ophthalmologist partners to unlock their practice’s full potential. Our providers are well-established in their local markets and are known for the high quality of ophthalmic care they deliver. Our platform is designed to allow new providers to immediately realize the efficiencies of affiliation while still allowing them to retain their valued brands.

Our providers are committed to providing exceptional patient care and are at the forefront of discovering new technology and procedures to improve outcomes and the well-being of their patients. All AVG practices share our dedication to the highest levels of patient care, growth plans, infrastructure improvements, employee development and overall investment. We are selective in the partners we add to the AVG family of practices, because our main goal is to offer best-in-class care patient care in all markets we serve.

We are proud of the amazing list of partners and look forward to adding more market leaders as we grow our national footprint.


AVG is composed of a team of renowned doctors, experienced executives and successful investors, with a proven track record of transforming practices into market leaders and creating value for stakeholders. We provide our partner practices with significant financial and managerial resources while providing physicians total clinical autonomy and a network of like-minded peers.

Our platform brings extraordinary value to our patients, doctors, staff and communities with:

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AVG supports its family of practices through a strong executive team, a centralized back office and partnership with New Orchard Capital, one of the leading investors in eye care practices across the US.

Be a part of something bigger by getting ahead of the wave of industry consolidation. Diversify risk and create future equity value by investing in what you know best.
We assist each practice in developing and executing a local market growth strategy, and we provide the people, processes and systems to ensure success.
Our partner practices maintain their clinical autonomy and we provide centralized support for managerial functions.
We understand the changing healthcare environment (regulatory changes, payor dynamics, reporting, etc.)
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Our commitment is to remain on the forefront of new vision solutions and advanced technology offerings that provide outstanding patient outcomes.

With a growing roster of locations across the country, patients can access the best possible provider for their needs closer to home and with less wait time. Payors also will be able to negotiate one efficient contract.

We will introduce new systems and tools to ensure our patients receive care promptly while spending less time on scheduling and billing issues. These upgrades will not only improve our patients’ experience but also allow our teams to work more efficiently.

Our providers and staff are crucial to our success and the quality of care we provide. We will continue to invest in the development of our doctors and staff to provide exceptional patient experiences.
Participation on a dominant, collaborative and reputable team of providers will ensure a strong referral base and continued professional development.


AVG is interested in acquiring market-leading providers with excellent reputations and strong patient-focused cultures. Leveraging our expertise in building leading, multi-state healthcare providers, AVG can take your practice to the next level while you retain clinical autonomy.

The acquisition process with AVG is easier than you think. We have an experienced team and established process to make the transaction smooth and prevent any business disruption. Typically, it takes between 2 and 3 months from start to finish.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a member practice of AVG, please contact Giovanni Barbat, President, at giovanni@americanvisiongrp.com.