Medical Biller/Payment Poster/Collector

North Miami Beach

Full Time

Positions Open: 5

Daily Tasks

*Bill 1 DOS and designated physicians

Check List

  • Posting charges for physicians- including surgeries
  • Collect any missing data from coordinators to send out a correct claim (Verify Modifiers, not over coding, Auths)
  • Refer to PODIS and MDI for confirmation of JCode billing
  • Run a JCode charge report to verify units are billed correctly according to unit guide.
  • Verify all claims match number of appointments seen on the DOS billed.
  • When completed with submitting all claims for the DOS- proceed to work on errors for the day.


Daily Duties

  • Properly diagnosing phone calls/ delivering call to appropriate department
  • Addressing billing issues and delegating to technicians/ front desk staff to correct billing errors.
  • Answer any questions front desk staff/ patients may have regarding their bill (All office locations)
  • Create payment plans for large balances, ( If large balance, notify Admin)
  • Responsible for catching any billing error/ nonpayment/denials trends and notify Admin
  • Work on delegated reports provided by Admin
  • Check for any voicemails
  • Work on denials/ errors/ incidents/ tasks/ appeals
  • Collections include but are not limited to, making phone calls, following up on claim status, reprocessing of claims
  • Working on claim errors found in error bucket, assessing accordingly and resubmitting.
  • Work on remittance errors.
  • Properly diagnosing phone calls/ delivering call to appropriate department



  • Clean up old patient balances
  • Adjustments